Event: Ozma with Matt Sharp & the Rentals, Body Parts, Moses Campbell
Date: November 26. 2011
Location: the Glass House

During my younger years (elementary & middle school) my brother had a strong influence on my musical interests. My CD player was filled with mixed CD’s of Weezer, The Postal Service, and amidst of them, Ozma. In over three years, Ozma played their first show at the Glass House this past Saturday. Their performance was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of their first release, Rock and Roll Part Three. This show gave me a keen nostalgic feeling, from Ozma’s music to the atmosphere of the Glass House (I haven’t been to that venue in years, let alone that area). Aside from seeing Ozma, it was a treat to catch two familiar Los Angeles local artists, Moses Campbell and Body Parts, definitely a great diverse lineup.

This wasn’t my first time catching Moses Campbell, they have grown to be one of my favorite local artists because they are great live. Their warm acoustic guitar strums and beachy riffs pleased the crowd that created a vibrant flow. I still can’t get tired of seeing them live. On an alternative musical route, Body Parts took the stage next. This, however, was my first time seeing them perform and I previously only heard good things. They fused together impressive vocal harmonies and dynamic percussions and beats. They are definitely something I want to catch again. Moses Campbell and Body Parts were two great acts to lead up for something even greater.

Throughout the show, countless chants for Ozma filled the room. Alas, the eager crowd received what they waiting for, for Ozma to take the stage. Their lively performance set me back in time with their early 2000’s power chords and powerpop aesthetics. The show took over me and I couldn’t stop myself from jumping up and down, bobbing my head, and singing (even screaming) along. They had a dedicated audience, singing the lyrics and sometimes overpowering Ryen’s and Daniel’s vocals that they even noticed. I was surprised that all these lyrics came rushing back to me, reaching part of my brain that I put aside for many years. A guest appearance of Matt Sharp and The Rentals shared the stage with Ozma that created a certain energy that bounced back to the audience. Music has definitely changed since their time, but seeing them was a great pleasure. This coming January, they’re accompanying Weezer on the Weezer cruise, how great would that be, Christmas present, maybe?? I would love to catch them and Weezer again, especially together at the same show, oh man!

Listen to Ozma’s Baseball off their Rock and Roll Part Three album here:

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